Accelerated Payment - L/C and Bill Discounting

There is no need to wait for payment once you have shipped your goods.  BACB can provide L/C beneficiaries with a tailored discounting service for documents presented in conformity with a usance L/C issued or confirmed by us. Alternatively we may be prepared to discount bills of exchange or promissory notes issued in connection with open account or bill collection sales, subject to these instruments being issued or avalised by counterparties acceptable to BACB. 

We are an active participant in the London markets and so are well placed to offer prompt and competitive quotes in all major currencies and a growing number of Arab Mediterranean currencies in which we act as a market maker.

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Head of Trade Finance and Structured Trade Products
Gary Bishop

Letters of Credit (Issuance), Bonds and Guarantees 
Mark Davis

Letters of Credit (Payments), Collections and Post Shipment Financing   
Peter Simmons                  

Tel: +44 20 7648 7777
Fax: +44 20 7648 7799

BACB Representative Offices


Representative: Lamri Haltalli
Telephone: +213 21 691 961
Fax: +213 21 692 007  


Representative: Abdulhadi Arebi Giuma
Telephone: +218 21 335 1489
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