Debt Securities

BACB offers a bespoke bond execution and custody service structured around clients' preferences, for select wholesale clients.

We will offer competitive prices to:

  • Buy any available bond or other debt instrument at the request of our client and arrange settlement in accordance with market practice
  • Sell any debt security held in custody, at the clients' request, subject to there being a market for the security
  • Take and execute orders to buy or sell, enabling the client to deal at pre-chosen levels
  • Hold the security in custody
  • Provide regular portfolio statements to enable the client to monitor, value and reconcile their holdings
  • Manage ownership of the securities including coupon claims, and redemptions
  • Provide indicative valuations upon request

Hedging products can be tailored to specific holdings for clients wishing to convert fixed interest rate exposure to floating (or vice versa), or to hedge cross currency exposures.

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Manager Treasury: Ian Moore
Treasury Marketing: Karim El-Sharif

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