Letters of Credit

We offer all the standard L/C services including advising, confirmation, negotiation and issuance.  We are also able to advise copies of L/Cs by email for information purposes.  We aim to provide a fast-track and problem free service, and will work with our customers in developing non-standard structures which are tailored to their requirements. We believe our customers will find the service we provide hard to match from other providers.  We can also provide a translation of L/Cs at nominal cost.

With back-to-back L/Cs and our experience of the local practices in the Arab markets we serve, BACB can offer that little bit more, making your business more likely to succeed.

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Head of Trade Finance and Structured Trade Products
Gary Bishop

Letters of Credit (Issuance), Bonds and Guarantees 
Mark Davis

Letters of Credit (Payments), Collections and Post Shipment Financing   
Peter Simmons                  

Tel: +44 20 7648 7777
Fax: +44 20 7648 7799

BACB Representative Offices


Representative: Lamri Haltalli
Telephone: +213 21 691 961
Fax: +213 21 692 007  


Representative: Abdulhadi Arebi Giuma
Telephone: +218 21 335 1489
Fax: +218 21 335 1732