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Head of Marketing and Communications

Employment TypePermanent
TypeFull time
LocationLondon, UK


Job Salary:

• Leads the Bank’s Marketing and Communications function with the objective of development of the BACB brand, enhancing the Bank’s external reputation and market positioning via effective marketing and communications activities.

• Support the CEO, the Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking and other Business leaders by driving near-term business development initiatives, as well as longer-term strategic initiatives.

• To build and maintain a strong and positive reputation amongst all stakeholders internally and externally, with the objective of supporting sustainable, profitable growth of the business.

• Act as a key stakeholder in forward-looking performance of the Bank, responsible for coordination and facilitation of strategy, business development and internal culture programmes.

Key Work Output and Accountabilities

• Marketing and communications:

• Responsible for the Bank’s employee communications strategy and external communications agenda through the development of effective communication systems, processes, skills and tools.

• In conjunction with the CEO, act as the co-ordination point for the Bank’s Reputational Risk Governance Standard and Policy and the Communication Policy, making sure that they are updated on an annual basis in line with the review process and to monitor ongoing policy adherence.

• Support the Front Office function with a relevant programme of events, opportunities and a digital platform to nurture existing business relationships and to develop new ones

• Manage third-party relationships including public relations, branding and design and media relations.

• Ensure that all marketing and communications activity is aligned to the Bank’s corporate strategy and develop and deliver a high quality marketing and communications plan that covers at least the following:

 Business development:

• Drive the Bank’s client service agenda by being jointly responsible for implementing and ensuring the success of marketing MI and (subject to approval) the development of a Client Relationship Management system

• Ensure that pitch training and pitch book content are developed, available and up to date for Front Office colleagues to maximise all business opportunities and to maintain the good reputation of the Bank

 Digital communication channels:

• Be responsible for BACB’s external digital profile, ensuring that the external website and the intranet site, contains content which is up-to-date and refreshed with new, interesting content that will attract new visits

• Manage the Bank’s social media presence, predominantly via Linked-in, driving BACB’s network ethos and encouraging useful, new connections that can be used to leverage business opportunities. Work closely with the HR and recruitment team to encourage new connections. Keep a watching brief on YouTube and other digital channels where BACB has accounts and may at some point have an active presence – ensure that they are not used in a negative context in the meantime

• As required, propose, develop and hold web-based events that will build BACB’s reputation as outlined in its value proposition, providing opportunities to increase the visibility of BACB spokespeople

 External communications:

• Monitor external comment (press, social media, other) regarding BACB and key markets / counterparties. Ensure that proactive media monitoring processes are in place

• Oversee messaging and ensure that all BACB spokespeople are briefed and trained before speaking externally

• Hold good, positive relationships with key media contacts. Identifies, develops and manages relationships with the Bank’s key strategic partners and key opinion formers, including industry analysts, regulators and the media

• Own crisis communication strategies and planning and participate in all crisis simulation exercises. Provide counsel to BACB leadership team (including ManCo) on maximising or minimising media, regulator and industry analysts’ reaction to the Bank’s initiatives and developments

• Develop and share communications plans as briefed by Front Office or the CEO to defend or build the good reputation of the Bank

• Be able to brief and manage external agencies and consultants as required to develop content or events that will be shared externally

• Propose a series of conferences and exhibitions that BACB should attend and/or participate in to increase/communicate its expertise in its key markets and knowledge of trade

• Manage memberships and partnerships with third party organisations and publishing houses. Ensure BACB’s position is consistent with its value proposition and opportunities are maximised in accordance with the Bank’s investment in them

 Internal communications:

• Be responsible for maintaining and updating the Bank’s intranet and propose a plan to enhance it and open up new ways for employees to work more collaborative

• Ensure a constant supply of news stories to the site and encourage employees to contribute new content. Manage a team of content contributors from across the Bank

• Coordinate Town Hall events, working with the CEO and other senior colleagues to ensure that messages are conveyed successfully to all staff on a regular basis

• Support the CEO with communication to all employees via the weekly blog email

• Continue to evaluate the performance of the internal communications programme and propose improvements and initiatives, taking on board internal feedback

 Design:

• Own the BACB brand guidelines, ensuring that it is adhered to at all touch points

• Manage design experts to ensure that new, exciting and impactful brand content and materials are developed on time and on budget, taking into account ethical, environmental and sustainability aspects. This includes brochures, stationery, signage, business cards, calendars, presentations, banners, advertising and photography

• Business development and strategy support to the CEO and the Front Office Business Heads:

o Support the CEO and Business leaders by encouraging an ethos of on-going strategic development across the year and fostering input from across the business. Facilitate periodic strategy planning and review sessions

o Play a key role in building on the Bank’s client centric approach, employing innovative processes and solutions to nurture and improve client and counter-party relations.

o Progress business development and longer-term strategic initiatives in line with the Bank’s strategy as agreed by the Board on an annual basis.

o Develop a network of stakeholders who can provide strategic input and knowledge to provide an external context that can be shared with senior business stakeholders

o Provide on-going development to the Bank’s brand and value proposition to ensure that it maintains a competitive advantage

o Build a programme of external events to enhance the market standing of BACB

• Internal culture:

o Support the HR Director and the wider Management Committee to enhance messaging across the Bank with a focus on reinforcing the Bank’s culture initiatives, brand and values.

o Support the delivery of cultural programmes in line with the Bank’s People Strategy, including:

 ‘BACB Together’ - work with the HR team to develop a programme which meets the target of fostering collaboration and a sense of community, while reinforcing a culture of accountability and a drive to deliver for the Bank as a whole

 Ensure the successful execution of initiatives that are part of the BACB Together programme, including:

• Lunch and Learn sessions

• Together Days volunteering activities

• Facilitate programme of employee informal events and sports clubs

• CEO Team Project Delivery and Support

o Support the CEO and the Strategic Projects Director in various initiatives within the CEO Team including monitoring of the Bank-wide objectives and other key projects.

• Attend Bank-wide Committees, as required, including Management Committee and Business Development Committee.

Required Qualifications and Experience

• Potential to manage a comprehensive strategic communications function to advance an organisation's mission and goals

• Has a passion for and strong expertise of trade with Africa and emerging markets

• Exceptional communication, inter-personal and presentation skills with the ability to support and influence multiple stakeholders.

• Demonstrated skill and comfort in proactively building relationships with senior media and industry representatives

• Ability to manage budgets and people (internal and consultancy) effectively

• Self-starter, with ability to focus on multiple tasks and with the energy to drive positive change.

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