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Lending & Structured Finance

Tailored, short and medium-term finance for a range of purposes

Borrowing for businesses, traders and state-owned enterprises

Our expertise in emerging markets, experience in helping companies to grow internationally and knowledge of commodities markets makes us an invaluable partner for business finance.

Commodity trading

Our clients stretch across the French and English speaking areas of the African continent and the Middle East. They can be fully or partially state owned, large traders, or private or quoted companies. Generally they need short to medium term finance, up to three years, to fund their commodity trading activities.

Our international experience, London location and extensive financial contacts means we are often able to arrange levels of finance that are not available in local markets.

Structured, tailored finance

Our in-depth knowledge of developing markets, coupled with our UK base, makes us an expert and trusted partner. We’re experienced in providing bespoke lending that meets the differing requirements and cultures of the areas where we operate. This means loans can be tailored around national regulatory constraints, unique financial requirements, or in Islamic format.

Business acquisition and development

Our heritage in emerging markets also allows us to provide expert support to British companies planning to establish or expand their presence in developing African economies. Examples include UK-based energy companies looking to acquire an energy business abroad.


We’re happy to talk to you about the ways we could help your business.

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