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Our Story

Agile and flexible, we can help where others can't

A passion for helping clients, a capacity for trying harder

We’re bankers of course, but we don’t see ourselves in the mould of other international banks. Our strength isn’t in our size, though we’re large enough to provide an effective, professional and tailored service. Instead, our strengths lie in our unrivalled understanding of the markets and companies we serve, and our appetite for going the extra mile.

Our size gives us greater agility and flexibility, and by working in partnerships with banks in the counties where we operate, we can provide support where many larger banks do not.

Making a difference

We’ve been helping companies in developing markets to trade internationally with confidence for more than 40 years. Many of our customers are companies who, because of their size or location, find larger banks unwilling to help them. With our expertise in international trade we support them to prosper through international trade and investment.

Helping to develop growing markets

Our primary focus is on facilitating trade flows in and out of Africa and the Middle East. We’ve developed considerable understanding of the practices, cultures and regulations in these areas and can offer a service that’s truly responsive to the needs of businesses there. Our international business knowledge is backed by in-country experts allowing us to provide a high level of personal service.

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