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Opening up markets in developing countries

Designed for exporters, importers and financial institutions

As an importer, exporter or financial institution, managing risk effectively can be one of the key influences on your success. We have more than 50 years’ experience in the Middle East and African markets and have developed a flexible trade finance service that gives you confidence whether you trade yourself or provide trade finance services to your clients.

Our markets

We act for companies who import or export, and for overseas financial institutions who recognise the benefits of dealing with a UK-registered bank. Our flexible approach means we're able to finance a wide range of transaction types, including commodities, capital goods and services.

Experienced and qualified

Our trade services specialists are experts in our key markets and have professional qualifications. They are awarded by the Institute of Financial Services and recognised worldwide.

Many of our staff are multilingual (including Arabic and French speakers) and have in-depth knowledge in structuring transactions, international banking regulations and practices, as well as local requirements.

Our colleagues in Abidjan, Algiers and Tripoli can provide specialist local support.

Products and services

The trade finance services that we recommend will depend on the nature of your business and the geographies involved.

Letters of credit

Letters of credit are the most commonly used way to ensure a secure settlement. Legally binding and internationally recognised, they provide reassurance for you and your supplier.

Guarantees and Bonds

A guarantee or bond issued by BACB lets your international supplier know that you will be able to meet your contractual obligations, provided they also meet theirs.


Where the security of a Letter of Credit isn’t required, we can collect documents on your behalf. This doesn’t carry the same guarantees, but it is a simpler method where you have confidence in the buyer’s credit status.

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