The four pillars of BACB's new code of conduct and culture

Posted on 20/12/2017

BACB Together

Recently, our CEO, Paul Hartwell, introduced our new code of conduct and culture: The BACB Way. Watch this short video which summarises the new framework:

This is something we’ve been working on for some time and we are pleased to have shared it across our business and with the wider world. But the work doesn’t stop here – we are committed to integrating the BACB Way into every facet of our business through our conduct and culture, ensuring our staff feel proud to live our values every day, and our customers experience them every time they interact with us.

We’re integrating the BACB Way into our business, through four key pillars: leadership, behaviours, competencies and values. The pillars cannot work in silo; it is the combination of all four of these pillars that will make The BACB Way the success we believe it can be. So, how are we doing this?


All senior management have committed to sign up to The BACB Way and to a new senior management charter. This tone at the top will be checked on by all staff within the bank. We encourage open lines of communication and have an open-door policy with senior management so that all issues can be freely discussed.


HR is putting in place new initiatives that look at how we work as a team and how we ensure personal development. These include new training courses and a new appraisal process to help people set their own goals and develop their careers along the path they’d like to take.


We are committed to ensuring our employees have the right skills and tools to do their jobs successfully.


A recent staff survey showed that employees at BACB are very clear on our company values. Through the BACB Way, we are very focused on making sure that those values, of client-centricity and teamwork, flow through everything we do. The BACB Way is also about ensuring that we serve with integrity, continue innovating, and provide excellence for our everyone we work with.

At BACB, we always strive to make a difference for our clients, and The BACB Way is how we make sure this happens.