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Nabil Frik Explores Francophone Africa’s Expanding Horizons in TXF

Posted on 24/12/2020

Trade Finance

Encompassing some of the fastest growing economies across the African continent, the countries that make up Francophone Africa have proved more resilient to the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic than many of their global counterparts. Protected in part by informal economic activity and weighting towards the export of strategic goods, local economies are faring better than many of their trading partners.

Profound shifts are also taking place across the region. Long-retained links with former colonial power, France, are gradually being superseded by increasingly multi-faceted relationships with other regions. Nabil Frik describes, in his latest article for TXF, how currency reform, reduced trading ties with France, and increased investment by other countries, all point towards a more outward-looking and global future for Francophone Africa.

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