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BACB strengthens relations with Libyan commercial banks

Posted on 02/12/2022


Paul Jennings, Deputy CEO, led a team of BACB colleagues who visited Libya this week – meeting a number of banks to discuss the opportunities for co-operation, business development and capacity building which BACB can provide. Following one particularly successful discussion with Deputy General Manager of Jumhouria Bank, Nuri Abu Fleiga and his colleagues, the Libyan press have covered the successful visit. A translated extract from the article published on EANLibya can be found below.

Jumhouria Bank is looking to develop co-operation with British Banks.

On Wednesday Jumhouria Bank discussed developing co-operation between British banks and Libyan commercial banks. This came during a meeting held under the chairmanship of Deputy General Manager of Jumhouria Bank, Nuri Abu Fleiga, with Paul Jennings, Deputy General Manager of the British Arab Commercial Bank, and a number of officials of the two banks.

During the meeting, co-operation between the two banks was discussed, according to the official website of Jumhouria Bank. The meeting also touched on the British Arab Commercial Bank’s willingness to train Jumhouria Bank employees in all areas of banking operations.

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