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BACB Volunteers Return to Adventure Playground for fourth year

Posted on 22/09/2022

BACB Together


BACB Volunteers visited the playground in Shadwell.

Since 2018, BACB volunteers have been visiting Glamis Adventure Playground in Shadwell, supporting several rounds of improvements to the site. This week, a group of employees returned for the latest BACB Together volunteering day.

Spending a whole day at the playground, volunteers undertook a range of tasks. On one side of the park, old equipment was dug out and removed to make space for new apparatus. Meanwhile, in another corner of the site, weeds and rubbish were cleared and moved to a compost pile.

As many children in the area who visit Glamis Adventure Playground do not have gardens of their own, the contributions that volunteers made were especially important. Abedi Tshomba, Associate, said, “Sometimes we don’t value the work that is being done to get the community moving. When you give a day of work to experience this, it’s worth it.”

Callum Sida-Murray, the Site Development Officer at Glamis Adventure Playground, expressed his appreciation for the volunteers, commenting, “Having BACB here to assist is a great help, because of the lack of funding available for these types of works. It really supports us in maintaining this space and making sure it is safe for young people to enjoy.”

Whilst the heart of the BACB Together volunteering days lies in supporting local charities and contributing to the local community, they also offer a unique setting through which to encourage team building and improve communication between employees across all areas of the bank.

Deputy CFO, Marika Affolter, added, “It’s about giving back to somewhere in the city, where the bank is based. It’s great to work together as a team to solve problems that we don’t usually see day-to-day.”


Volunteers removed old equipment from the playground.


Glamis Adventure Playground is based in Shadwell, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The playground blossomed on a Second World War bomb site, when children began to play in the rubble of a destroyed hospital. Eventually, to maintain the space for local children, the site was developed into an adventure playground.

The playground, which encourages children to spend more time outside, also plays a key role in developing risk literacy amongst young people. Relationships formed with the adults who run the playground encourage the children to engage in risk-taking in a supportive environment, allowing young people to test their boundaries in a healthy way.

The playground also acts as a key safe space in the area for young people to enjoy spending time with their friends, as well as offering educational workshops.

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