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Celebrating 50th anniversary, BACB unveils new corporate values

Posted on 13/10/2022


British Arab Commercial Bank (BACB) has this week launched its new corporate values to coincide with its 50-year anniversary. The values – Loyal, Trusted, Driven and Agile – were developed following input from staff at the bank’s London headquarters and its representative offices in Tripoli, Abidjan and Algiers. Employees were invited to give their input through a series of workshops and discussion groups.

The values each reflect a key aspect of BACB’s ethos as a specialist trade bank:

  • Loyal, reflecting BACB’s longstanding dedication to its clients, colleagues and the specialist markets it serves.
  • Trusted, demonstrating the bank’s role in providing expertise, and fostering a transparent and supportive internal culture.
  • Driven, embodying BACB’s ambition and its keen focus on delivering sector-leading services and solutions.
  • Agile, derived from BACB’s history of being adaptive in changing circumstances, and prioritizing flexibility and collaboration.

Informed by the bank’s 50-year history – for decades, BACB has been facilitating trade finance flows to and from specialist markets – the new values look firmly towards the future. Following the official launch on 13th October, staff were greeted by a comprehensive internal branding exercise with promotional material such as posters and booklets detailing how the values are being implemented throughout the business.

“Strong values serve as a solid foundation for the Bank’s purpose,” commented BACB’s CEO, Eddie Norton. “Our people were at the heart of the process to define these new corporate values, and we are excited about the results. Loyalty, trust, drive and agility will continue to define both our internal culture and our approach to delivering excellent client service.”

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