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BACB discusses trade asset distribution and the trade finance gap in GTR+

Posted on 06/10/2023

Trade Finance , Case Studies

The trade finance gap, the deficit between the demand and supply for trade finance, continues to pose a stubborn obstacle to conducting business with and within the continent. The African Development Bank estimates the gap was $81bn in 209 and could now be $120bn. This is, in part, has been exacerbated by the retrenchment of global banks from “high-risk” markets, in a bid to protect their trade finance portfolios. African traders are now increasingly uncertain in their ability fund their imports and exports, finding themselves more closed off from international markets.

Specialist banks, such as BACB, play a vital role in mitigating this issue and helping to facilitate trade into African markets: attracting investors, managing the risks, and educating clients to ensure a smooth transaction process.

But BACB’s work doesn’t stop there. Damian Austin, BACB’s Chief Banking Officer, and Clint Eastwood, Head of Asset Distribution and Syndication, discuss how specialist banks create additional pools of liquidity in the Africa edition of GTR+, titled: “Narrowing the African trade finance gap: Making capital go further”.

Read the full article in GTR+.

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