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BACB Together Volunteers return to Glamis Adventure Playground

Posted on 23/06/2023

BACB Together

On 6th June, BACB returned to Glamis Adventure Playground in Shadwell, a site BACB Together volunteers have supported since 2018. This time, BACB continued its work with another round of improvements – ensuring that the play area remains well maintained throughout the summer.

Volunteers used their artistic skills to help repaint playground equipment, while others helped in maintaining the garden – removing weeds, reinforcing panels, trimming overgrown areas, and more.

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BACB colleagues gathered at Glamis Adventure playground to complete a variety of tasks.

The Glamis Adventure Playground is a vital part of the community in Shadwell, especially for the children who live in the surrounding area. Living in an urban metropolitan neighbourhood, green spaces such as these cannot be taken for granted, and are crucial to helping children develop, test their limits, and have fun.

With a lack of available funding, the site relies on the efforts of volunteers to help maintain the playground. Having supported this community through its work at Glamis since 2018, BACB Together is more than happy to offer a helping hand.

Beyond assisting charities and contributing to the local community, BACB Together volunteering days also allow employees to engage in team building, helping to build relationships and improve communication across the bank’s departments.

IMG 6183

Volunteers helped repaint key parts of the playground's apparatus.


Glamis Adventure Playground is based in Shadwell, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The playground blossomed on a Second World War bomb site, when children began to play in the rubble of a destroyed hospital. Eventually, to maintain the space for local children, the site was developed into an adventure playground.

The playground, which encourages children to spend more time outside, also plays a key role in developing risk literacy amongst young people. Relationships formed with the adults who run the playground encourage the children to engage in risk-taking in a supportive environment, allowing young people to test their boundaries in a healthy way.

The playground also acts as a key safe space in the area for young people to enjoy spending time with their friends, as well as offering educational workshops.