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Important information and key documents to download

Documents to download

Tax Strategy

Tax Strategy (June 2018)

Money Laundering

This document summarises our money laundering policy and deterrence programme and provides information about our regulatory status.

AML / KYC Information Questionnaire

Patriot Act

Our Patriot Act Certificate confirms that we meet the requirements for a foreign bank holding a correspondent account in the United States.

Patriot Act Certificate

Wolfsberg Questionnaire

The Wolfsberg questionnaire can be used as a reference for firms conducting due diligence on BACB. It shouldn’t be relied on exclusively or excessively.

Wolfsberg Questionnaire

Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA)

As a UK-registered bank, BACB is a FATCA compliant institution, registered as a Reporting Model 1 FFI. The UK is a Model 1 Country.

Form W-8BEN-E (November 2017)

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