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Tax Strategy

Tax Strategy (June 2018)

Money Laundering

This document summarises our money laundering policy and deterrence programme and provides information about our regulatory status.

AML / KYC Information Questionnaire

Patriot Act

Our Patriot Act Certificate confirms that we meet the requirements for a foreign bank holding a correspondent account in the United States.

Patriot Act Certificate

Wolfsberg Questionnaire

The Wolfsberg questionnaire can be used as a reference for firms conducting due diligence on BACB. It shouldn’t be relied on exclusively or excessively.

Wolfsberg Questionnaire

Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA)

As a UK-registered bank, BACB is a FATCA compliant institution, registered as a Reporting Model 1 FFI. The UK is a Model 1 Country.

Form W-8BEN-E (December 2019)

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